03 Craft VDP@2x

Operating Value

Care about your craft as a legacy

We strive to produce excellent work that delivers results for our clients. Together, we create an environment where we push each other to build best-in-class products and experiences. We know that what (the objects, experiences, processes, and tools) we create has lasting impact.

Values in action

  • Nissa Van Meter

Nissa was able to help guide all needs (electrical, mechanical, even guidance with firmware/software) to make sure the project was successful despite confusion, COVID, and craziness. You steered the ship through lots of troubled waters. THANK YOU!

Sean Patterson

  • Marco Micheletti

Last week I started my first project with Marco. I wanted to send a quick thanks for how well he has set the project up: he is methodical in how he captures notes and organizes information. He is also deeply knowledgeable and able to help the team get started and advise on next steps.

Jamie Malsam

  • Orn Vetvitchu

You’ve continued to do great work for Fresh and for our clients. Your commitment and reliability at delivering outstanding creative results is noticed.

Will Lingard

  • Elliott Stryjak
  • Conor Wolfin
  • Kyle Skelton
  • +5

Thank you to this team for delivery of a product that shows the possible to our client — a creative design combined with excellent craftmanship really shows the value of Fresh.

Malinda Elien

  • Joshua Hockett

Thank you for bringing so much knowledge and direction to the hardware program here at Fresh. I’ve been impressed from day one at how much you know, but more importantly, how much you care for your craft. You’re patient in helping us understand certain processes and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the hardware world as a result of your leadership.

Thank you, Joshua, for being a leader here at Fresh and for always being willing to step in and help our team succeed. Keep up the great work!

Teage Christensen

  • Tyler Bowen
  • Gene Hancock
  • Greg Starr
  • Hunter Fite

This team is relentless, extremely resilient, and there are no words good enough to thank them enough for all the effort, all the hard work, the support, and the inspiration they are for the rest of the team. They amaze me every day with how much they do, and their creativity in engineering.

Mariana Araujo

Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.

Johannes Brahms