05 Diverse VDP@2x

Operating Value

Seek diverse perspectives

We not only respect diverse perspectives, but we seek them, knowing that they lead to innovative solutions. We realize the world is complex and can be experienced differently. We seek to include people with different backgrounds and modes of thinking to come together for something greater.

Values in action

  • Johnny Rodriguez

Johnny is a great leader because he delegates to others and makes them feel confident in their ability to make good decisions. I really appreciate that because my creativity thrives when I know people trust me to do good work. Thanks for being a great leader, Johnny!

Ben Spencer

  • Jeff Bick

Jeff has brought tremendous talent and value to the organization. He has a vision for how to orchestrate teams so people stay engaged and the right people are working on the right type of projects. He does a fantastic job of mentoring and giving great advice to others and puts a lot of trust in the people he works with.

Kurt Daniels

  • Jamie Garza

Sometimes when I see myself in a hard situation of facing an issue, I go to Jamie to hear his thoughts and points of view. Jamie gives really great advices and he knows how to explain things in a calm and joyful manner. I learn a lot with him and I’m very grateful to have him around. Thank you, Jamie! 🙂

Mariana Araujo

  • Natanael Lemos

When Nate’s presented with a challenge, he spends the time to consider the best implementation and avoid pitfalls. By identifying, discussing, and collaborating, the solutions he provides are smart, clean, and follow good practices while not falling into the trap of idealism at the cost of practicality. Thanks, Nate!

Adam Jentzsch

Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated.

Mary Parker Follet
Sociologist and pioneer in the study of interpersonal relations and personnel management