Who Owns the Copyright to AI Generative NFT Art?

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Recently, the U.S. copyright office ruled that a piece of artwork called “A Recent Entrance to Paradise” was ineligible for copyright protection. Their reasoning? The piece was AI generated and lacked the required “human authorship”. With no clear human authorship, the question of who can claim copyright over graphic art generated by AI tools quickly becomes complex.

The legal status of AI generative tools is still up for debate. An article on Hive Blog shows us that establishing who owns the copyright, and how much, is not clear-cut with AI-assisted work. Is it the author using the tool? The developer of the tool? The plugin creator installed as part of the tool? The laws are differ by country as well.

We cover scenarios of how ownership could be divided, and our “ideal state” of the legal framework. Here are AI generative or AI assisting tools we demo-ed:

Find out a few revelations we have on legality, intellectual property, and the possible legal implications of AI generative tools around the world.

Elisha Terada

Elisha Terada

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