Waterbox: Creative Design and Facebook As The New 1-800 Line


Extraordinary customer service is hard to find. Those rare, truly positive experiences with a corporation creates a lasting impression and converts us to customers for life. I have often dealt with corporate giants as they try and work through simple problems, but I am usually left disappointed and with no improvement to my predicament. This was not the case with my new favorite water bottle company, Waterbox.

Founded in 2008, Waterbox has been creating water bottles made from steel, glass and BPA-free plastic with a unique twist: they are works of art. Each bottle is superbly encased by a hand-crafted design that is perfectly illuminated by the top-quality colors and materials that form its exterior. boasts an array of bottle styles with an eclectic collection of artistic creations to effectively quench your thirst while performing as an exceptional conversation piece. They provide a functional way for us to express our sense of style and stand out in a crowd.

I purchased my first Waterbox not to long ago and soon thereafter I quickly discovered that the lip of the bottle was cracked. My natural reaction as a waterholic was to purchase a new bottle to service my daily fix. However, I decided first to reach out to Waterbox via Facebook and was overwhelmed by the helpful result. They answered my post quickly and without hesitation sent a BRAND NEW Waterbox to my house. I was amazed by their fast response time and hassle-free customer service. Not only will I be buying more of their products, but I have become a Waterbox advocate for life.

This experience made me realize that small acts of authentic customer service goes a long way in the business world. Just like their creative artwork helped them stand out from the crowd, Waterbox’s attention to me helped them stand out from all the other options out there.  This is a good example of how a simple social Facebook post along with a quick response creates a lasting customer experience.  In today’s fast paced world of instant gratification, making the consumer feel that they are first priority is what creates repeat business.  Case and point, this inspired me to write a blog post about my customer experience.


Benjamin Lehrer