Refreshing take on key issues impacting the world at TEDxChange 2013


TEDxChange: Positive Disruption

On April 3, 2013 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted TEDxChange in Seattle as part of a partnership with the TEDx program. The event theme was Positive Disruption, and the stage served as a sounding board for “ideas worth spreading,” linking poignant discussions on global awareness issues – including vaccines, polio, malaria, HIV/AIDS, maternal and newborn child health and agricultural development – to the carefully outlined goals of the foundation for 2013, and beyond.

As a creative consultancy, those of us at Fresh Consulting realize the importance of continued engagement with our community, locally and globally, to maintain awareness of progress in the digital space. Understanding the matters that matter most for leading figures in design and technology provides a helpful footprint on which to build the Fresh business, and those of our clients.

I was fortunate to attend a facet of the local event, focused on women in technology and dedicated to continuing the conversations at a local level among Seattle businesses. Sitting around a table with fifteen other women, we discussed our joint interest to progress the messages of TEDxChange, while learning about one another and our professional endeavors; the event themes became a platform to discuss the impact of social media resources, like those engaged routinely by Fresh Consulting, to effectively distribute innovative awareness campaigns and increase social consciousness online.

At Fresh Consulting, we are dedicated to developing our business thoughtfully,  and believe participating in these type of conversations will continue being part of that process. Employing social media platforms daily on behalf of numerous clients, we realize social leaders like the Gates Foundation and TEDx provide valuable insights on the incredible potential of these platforms to spread good.

Please see a video of the event below to view the seven featured speakers on the theme of Positive Disruption.


Alexandra Matthiesen