The Future Of Podcast Trailer

As we look into the future, we’re only at the beginning of big changes still to come. 15 years ago, things smartphones, app stores, the cloud, social media, and collaborative technology didn’t really exist in a significant way…and yet they are mainstream worldwide today.  

The problem is that—just in the past decade, this technology has dramatically changed how we work and play, how we transact and interact…and we weren’t prepared for it.  And yet some of it is the backbone for even bigger transformations still to come.  

Things like robotics, AI, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, advanced biometrics, IoT, and more are the new babies of tomorrow.  And what’s already connected will only speed up. So understanding the future will help us innovate and prepare to make the most of our experience, and the human experience, to design and build our lives with intent.


Join Jeff Dance to talk about the future with experts from different
industries, markets, and technology verticals. We’ll discuss the future of robotics, the metaverse, space travel, cars, construction, work, transportation, voting, gas stations, buildings, education, and much more, things in our every day. Through authentic conversations with visionaries who are pushing the boundaries, we can not only understand but predict what will be, and learn how we might stay fresh and shape the future human experience together, for good.  

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