Join Fresh at Learn UX Seattle Meetup with Valve


We’re sponsoring and hosting Learn UX Design Seattle’s Meetup “How a Valve Software Engineer (yes, *that* Valve) designs experiences”on Tuesday, May 23.

Valve Software Engineer Brett Sanborn, who’s worked on DOTA, will be speaking on how he has incorporated UI/UX into development and programming. And Fresh CEO Jeff and I will talk about Methods of UX Testing and how they fit into the UI/UX process.

If you attend, please feel free to come find Jeff or me and say hi – we love talking UX!

Find out the Meetup time and RSVP for it here. Because space is limited, please ensure you’re available before you RSVP.


Nuriel Mizrahi

UX Design & Development Lead

Nuriel has unique expertise that spans UX design and front-end development, giving him an edge in creating user-centered, innovative products on top of the latest technology. He began his career in graphic design creating branding and marketing materials, then expanded to UX design for websites and apps, and front-end development.

Nuriel is deeply experienced in conducting UX field research, synthesizing insights from qualitative and quantitative sources, facilitating workshops, and creating actionable, empathetic, and evidence-based design strategies.