Creative, non-art NFT use cases: 5 examples that illustrate the utility of ownership in the blockchain

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What are creative, non-art NFT use cases? In our exploration of all things Web3, the Metaverse, and NFT, we’ve noticed an abundance of “utility” use cases for NFT.

Here are five clear-cut examples.

#1 Memberships

NFTs can be used to prove membership so you can participate in exclusive activities such as dinner at the FlyFish Club, the world’s first NFT restaurant. You can trade your membership afterward without going through the organization that originally issued it.

#2 Event Tickets

Instead of using cash, you can use cryptocurrency to buy NFT event tickets. Because it is an NFT, you can prove that the ticket is real and even trade it with someone directly without ever meeting them in person or by going through a third-party service. YellowHeart has worked with major brands, providing an NFT marketplace for ticketing to music, award events, and more.

#3 Certificates

Typically, you receive educational and professional certificates in mail, email, or PDF form. They can be lost easily, and there is no way to prove they are legitimate copies. As an NFT, your certification is verifiable and can not be altered by anyone.

#4 Digital Identity

How do you prove your identity online? Today, it’s by using your email address and password. With your digital identity as an NFT, all you have to do is confirm your identity as the holder using digital wallets.

#5 Virtual Assets

You can own all kinds of digital assets online, such as virtual land on a Metaverse in the form of NFTs. Instead of the ownership information being stored on a private server, you can prove the ownership of the assets on a blockchain.

What other interesting creative, non-art NFT use cases you ‘ve seen? Are there any use cases you wish existed?

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Elisha Terada

Elisha Terada

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