Sean Patterson

Fresh’s Software Development Director with Full-Stack capabilities, Sean brings 20 years of experience to enterprise website and application development. He is fluent in a variety of technologies, from C# and .NET to PHP and Javascript, and has developed websites and applications for the likes of Microsoft and T-Mobile. A true sophisticated technical innovator, Sean simply enjoys writing great code behind our client’s vision.

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Treat Your Database Like Code

Oftentimes, when working on a project, we focus solely on code and take the underlying database for granted. With code, we make sure that it’s properly organized, maintaining it in a source control repository where we keep our commits atomic. Our database doesn’t get that much respect. We may use a tool to import a CSV
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Software, Technology Architecture

Picking a Stack for the .Net Framework

Sometimes when working with a new client at Fresh, they know they want to use the .Net Framework for their site or web application, but they are not sure exactly which configuration or “stack” would work best. While the .Net framework started out with a small set of options, it has grown enormously over the
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Technology Architecture, Web App Development

Building a Data Import Tool with Azure WebJobs

Recently we built a new site for a client and hosted it on Microsoft Azure. I’ve been very happy with the ease of deployment and scalability that Azure provides. One critial piece to this new application was creating an automated tool that would import data from their primary mainframe system into our new web application.
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Technology Architecture, Web App Development

2 Alternate Configurations for Windows Azure Deployment

I’ve become a big fan of Windows Azure as a web application platform. One of my favorite features is that you can use GitHub or BitBucket as a repository source, and Azure will download, recompile, and deploy your solution whenever you commit changes to it. By default, Azure deployments will grab the first web application
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Technology Architecture

“As a Service” Provides Developers a Cloud Paradise

Getting a new project out in the world can be a rough time for a developer. Your hosting provider may not support the latest version of Ruby on Rails that you need. You don’t have the time to hassle with a fresh RavenDB install on your server. Setting up the additional logging and caching optimizations
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Web App Development

Developer Tip: Keep Your Commits “Atomic”

Source control is a developer’s best friend. The ability to share code with multiple developers, track changes, and easily roll back when problems arise is indispensable in this distributed world. One question that often arises when first getting started with source control (it doesn’t matter if it’s Git, SVN, TFS, or others) is “What do
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