Sean Patterson

Fresh’s Sr. Software Development Director with Full-Stack capabilities, Sean brings 20 years of experience to enterprise website and application development. He is fluent in a variety of technologies, from C# and .NET to PHP and Javascript, and has developed websites and applications for the likes of Microsoft and T-Mobile. A true sophisticated technical innovator, Sean simply enjoys writing great code behind our client’s vision.

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AI/Machine Learning, Technology Architecture

Using Terraform to Overcome Critical Cloud Challenges

Terraform is a software tool that drastically simplifies building cloud infrastructure with security tools, cost-effective resources, and optimized workflows. Empowering development teams to treat “infrastructure as code,” Terraform enables configurations and changes to be version controlled, audited, and replicated, rather than requiring a team to use web interfaces to configure cloud and on-premise infrastructure.  Due
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Dev Principle #11: DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself

As the size and scope of a project increase, so does the complexity of the code base. One way to maintain and stabilize your code is to adhere to the “DRY” Principle: Don’t repeat yourself. #1: Use the DRY Principle to Decrease the Size of Your Code Base If you’re writing code to do the same
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Team Fresh and Furious Completes Fourth RAGNAR on the Trails

This year, Team Fresh and Furious took part in its annual RAGNAR tradition, but mixed it up a little and took to the trails for the RAGNAR Trail Rainier. With this being my third time participating with the team, I was triply excited for what the weekend would hold.
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Dev Principle #10: Do Performance Optimization When Needed

Donald Knuth is famous for saying “Premature optimization is the root of all evil.” There is a lot of good advice packed into that short statement.
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Dev Principle #8: YAGNI – Ya Ain’t Gonna Need It

At first pass, building a comprehensive application or API library seems straightforward. You want to make sure that every possible scenario is covered for proper data coverage and that the user can do anything (however small) they want within the app. However, the ramifications of this approach can be larger than you think. This has led
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Dev Principle #7: Avoid Common Code Vulnerabilities

There will always be hackers looking to get into your website. Whether it is to deface it with their branding/cause, gain access to your data, or even turn your site into a distributor of malware, it’s important to make sure your code is secure against common threats. Here are a few of the most common vulnerabilities
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