Ryan Ottinger

Ryan is an Innovation Consultant with an interdisciplinary career background. Graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Symbolic Systems, his coursework included computer science, UX design, and research and statistics.

Before joining Fresh, Ryan worked as a full-stack developer. While at Microsoft, he contributed to the Microsoft Whiteboard product.

Ryan loves talking to people about new technologies, philosophical debates, and gaming. He’s a PC enthusiast and also enjoys discussing hardware, software, or design.

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Implementing Different Innovation Approaches

Understanding different specifics before structuring an innovation program helps us understand their respective strengths and weaknesses. To do so, we will break down critical characteristics around innovation strategies. Approaching Innovation Problem-by-Problem Applying the problem-based approach to innovation tends to be the far more widespread model; after all, an ad hoc approach requires no specific organizational
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Create Sustainable Success with the 4 Types of Innovation

All organizations need to build an innovative infrastructure—including tools, systems, people, culture, and process—to be competitive in the modern marketplace. The rapid rate of technological innovation and competitiveness in our global economy is best exemplified by this staggering fact: only 52 companies remain on the Fortune 500 list (a list of the 500 biggest companies
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Interdisciplinary Strategy: Integrating Diverse Perspectives

Who is responsible for strategy? This question has many answers. If you mean product strategy, then product managers rule the roost. Business strategy? Then, the answer might be the leadership team or C-suite. Each branch of an organization might specialize in its own form of strategy, with the marketing team owning brand strategy or human
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