Richard Rose

Richard drives strategy and execution related to finance, operations, and growth. Under his leadership, Fresh has scaled operations and tripled its global reach. Prior to joining Fresh, Richard served tech businesses at the largest CPA firm in the Puget Sound region. He received a Masters in Accounting from Brigham Young University, and is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner.

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PSBJ Fastest-Growing Companies Honors Fresh Consulting

The Puget Sound Business Journal recently recognized Fresh Consulting as the sixth fastest-growing company on the Eastside.  We are honored to be included with the other organizations in the 50 fastest-growing companies. Fresh Consulting Growth From 2010 – 2012: 294% – Increase in revenue 271% – Increase in headcount 350% – Increase in office space
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Innovation as a Service

Integrate Design, Technology, and Business Thinking

A Full-Service Approach A recent study by Optify found that many marketing agencies plan to integrate new services in the coming months. The three most requested services are Social Media, Website Services, and SEO, and managers want to find these services under one roof. In fact, 72% of respondents say “clients prefer a full-service approach to
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Expertise, UX/UI Design

3 Key Points for Navigation UI/UX Design

Navigation UI/UX Design – 3 Key Points The word navigation comes from a latin word for steering a ship. For a sailor on the open sea, knowing where the ship is and where it is going can be a matter of life or death. For a website’s success, navigation design can be just as important.
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UX/UI Design

5 Key Points for Homepage UI/UX Design

A homepage is the gateway to a site’s content, functionality, and overall UI/UX design. It dishes out the first taste of what the site offers. A visitor may leave in seconds if the site does not impress, so the homepage must deliver the primary message quickly. An inviting homepage is the beginning of a great user
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User Research, User Research & Testing, UX/UI Design

Our UI Design Framework – 9 Keys of Great Usability

UI Innovation Innovative UI design work leads to solid end-user experiences when creativity can build upon a solid plan.  It’s like a jazz musician improvising on a standard melody to make it soar. In both cases, a strong foundation is essential for innovation where the right brain (creative side) and left brain (logical side) are both
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UX/UI Design

9 Key Elements of Great Usability – Our UI/UX Framework

How do you elevate usability from good to great? We examine 9 elements of usability to reinforce strengths and tease out weaknesses. This UI/UX framework addresses existing sites as well as new projects in development. We believe great usability emerges when design and technology responding to human behavior. Solutions are multi-faceted, smoothing the rough edges
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