Erika Haack

Erika is a recent graduate from the Industrial Design program at UW, where she also studied interaction design and visual communication design, giving her a comprehensive understanding of design processes.

Her experience includes designing a modular backpacking pack, a device for measuring the airflow of lung transplant patients, and a hot plate designed for small living. Erika often uses Photoshop, Illustrator, SOLIDWORKS, and Keyshot during her design process and is skilled in physical prototyping techniques like vacuum forming, sewing, and 3D printing.

Outside of design, Erika likes to do many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and snowboarding. She also enjoys watching documentaries and listening to podcasts in her free time.

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Community, Industrial Design, Product Development, Product Strategy

Partnering with University of Washington Students to Innovate on the Future of Robotics

In the fall of 2021, Fresh partnered with the senior class of Industrial Design students at the University of Washington to innovate on the future of robotics. Fresh posed the question, “How can robotics improve our standard of living?” Students were given four areas to ideate in: Elderly /  Disability Aiding Robots Food Production &
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