Elisha Terada

Over the last ten years, Elisha has worked closely with clients to pinpoint business growth opportunities using the latest tech innovations. He’s managed and engineered as a core contributor on more than ten SaaS products leveraging web, mobile, and machine learning technologies.

Elisha holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington, is a Certified ScrumMaster, and has spoken at industry events including AIGA HIVE Seattle.

An innovator at heart, he is constantly exploring emerging technology.

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Fresh Collaborates at CBRE DevOps Hackathon

Recently, a few of our Sr. Front-End Developers joined the CBRE Market Builder team for the CBRE Global DevOps Hackathon 2016. The hackathon was conducted over a single day competing against other 16 teams across the globe. At the end of the day, we had produced a prototype of Aleph, the real-time data visualization app of
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Top 12 PHP Development Tools and Tips

Most developers have their go-to PHP development tools, libraries, and best practices to streamline workflows and create clean, lean code. So, we asked our developers to let us in on their favorites. Here are their top tools, tips, and tricks to help you create great apps. 1. Use PHPUnit for unit testing to catch bugs. -Elisha, Front-End Developer 2. Utilize the PHPStorm text
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Fresh AngularJS Hackathon

Last weekend, five of our Front-End Developers gathered together to build AngularJS applications. Each developer worked on prototyping their own application using one or more public API services. We are all experienced WordPress developers who build marketing-oriented client websites on daily basis. We recently realized that AngularJS would be a great standard framework for us to learn as
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5 Tips for Agile AngularJS Prototyping

Prototyping with AngularJS A typical AngularJS project starts with prototype development on the very same platform. The idea is to paint a vision for front-end user interaction with useful static information for the intended audience. The challenge we often face is balancing the trade-offs between meeting short-term goals for prototype development and hitting long-term milestones
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The Art of Identifying Your WordPress User

Identify your primary WordPress user (client) at an early stage of your project to properly build your site. At Fresh Consulting we love WordPress as a marketing website platform because it enables our team and client to collaborate better on a project. To prove our love, we have produced more than 90 WordPress sites since
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SEO is like Job Hunting

SEO is less about keywords and more about publishing good content that people care to read and share. Have you ever received an SEO audit on your company website saying there are thousands of issues that need to be fixed to increase its SEO score? Their claims are probably legitimate and fixing reported issues could
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