11 Innovate VDP@2x

Operating Value

Ideate, collaborate, evaluate to innovate

Innovation is a team sport. We embrace the innovation process by contributing our unique ideas, collaborating with others, and evaluating options to make decisions. Innovative thinking involves divergent, emergent, and convergent thinking, and we even built our own technology to support this process because we want everyone to bring their best ideas forward.

Values in action

  • Malinda Elien

I enjoy collaborating and working with you because you do it with such skill and natural ease that come from someone who is a true professional at what she does. You raise the bar and also make all of those around you perform at higher levels as well.

Marco Micheletti

  • Harman Pannu

I wanted to recognize Harman for his wonderful work. Harman’s constantly developing innovative products at Fresh that demonstrate Fresh’s forward-thinking culture.

Chris Allen

  • Avinash Singh

It is inspiring to witness the complex mathematical and software problems you solve and I can’t even begin to understand most of them. Thank you for patiently answering all of my technical questions, working to bring our design decisions to life, and being a great teammate.

Scotty Paton

  • Jeff Soesbe

Thanks so much for all the skills and expertise that you’ve shared with the team! Last week, you lead the software scheduling meeting to help clean up our JIRA board and it was super useful! Thanks for sharing your skills humbly with the team; I really appreciate the knowledge you’ve shared with us.

You joining the project has definitely improved our robotics software engineering development process!

Khrisna Kamarga

  • Sittipol Pungprakiet (Great)
  • Ratapong Thaingcham (Jib)

Hey guys – just wanted to thank you both for the continued hard work and effort you’ve both put into the project this project this year. So far this year you’ve introduced some solid new features, fixed a lot of bugs, and improved the database and back-end API.

Let’s keep pushing through the phase II items this year and deliver another project success for the client. BIG thanks! ????

Will Lingard

  • MargotKnight

Margot shared new ideas and did a great job getting feedback from the exec team and leaders and individuals on the new recognition program revamp. She also did research on best practices to influence it, put together most of our training, and collaborated through and through with many, evaluating recommendations against the research, taking in input and feedback along the way from many voices.

It takes drive and critical thinking to take something as complex and intrinsic as recognition and push it to done, and while we will continue to revise together as feedback comes in, it was another great internal innovation milestone she helped us complete on our yearly goals, together.

Jeff Dance

Innovation is the fuel for growth. When a company runs out of innovation, it runs out of growth.

Gary Hamel
Founder of management consulting firm Strategos