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Wyoming Office of Tourism was looking to increase brand awareness for their Winter in Wyoming program. They hoped to grow their wintertime website traffic by 20% year-over-year, increase mobile visitors, build social engagement, forge strategic partnerships, leverage public relations and reach, and extend overall awareness.


Fresh Consulting partnered with pro-snowboarder Travis Rice to develop “storytelling” behind Wyoming. Integrated personal videos were designed to deliver their brand to the right audience, City Slickers and Young Adventurers.


Click Through Rate

The campaign increased total website sessions by 25% and garnered a 43% CTR (click-through rate). Mobile traffic increased by 114% and the “Winter in Wyoming” video had a greater than 90% user completion rate.

Sweepstake Entries

They received 35K+ sweepstakes entries, 125K+ video views, 4 million+ influencer impressions, and 275K+ social interactions.

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