NEC + Fresh

We equip companies with NEC’s portfolio of rich biometrics, AI, and advanced recognition tools, integrated with game-changing customer experience (CX) strategy.


Strategy and concepting for touchless experiences

Our CX strategy team uncovers opportunities to surprise and delight customers along the customer journey.

Through a rigorous process of understanding your existing business and researching possibilities for innovation, we’ll use our findings as a foundation for biometric solutions tailored to authentic business use cases for a best-in-class experience.

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Implement successful solutions while mitigating risk

Our strategy-as-a-service offering uses rapid prototyping and customer testing to ensure that a product’s launch, messaging, and experience align with your business goals and customer expectations.

NEC’s decades-old wisdom and our consulting expertise and technical know-how allow us to jointly identify risks and strategies to ensure customer experience, privacy, and impact.


Strategize, validate, and succeed with expert support from NEC and Fresh

For over half a century, NEC has innovated the research and development of biometric authentication technologies, delivering over 700 large-scale biometric solutions globally. NEC is known for creating cutting-edge customer experiences, including athlete identification for the Olympic Games.

We’ll take you to the leading edge of CX with platform scalability, secure infrastructure matched by integrated processes, agile consulting teams, and strategic CX planning—powered by NEC’s advanced recognition systems and identity management features.


Align internally to deploy effectively for distinct use cases

Understanding that markets are in an almost constant state of evolution and change, we help organizations build roadmaps to scale solutions into the future while prioritizing touchpoints for quick wins and efficient deployments in the present.