Welcoming Talking Rain to the UK


Just under a year after Fresh Consulting started trading in the UK, one of our favorite clients, Talking Rain, has arrived here too, launching their brand of delicious, low-calorie flavored water drink, Sparkling Ice.

And we couldn’t be — the Fresh UK team, Sparkling Ice is something we usually get to enjoy only when we dip into our company fridge at our Seattle HQ!

Talking Rain was founded in 1987 but has seen incredible levels of growth in the last 5 years expanding to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and recently the UK and Ireland. From a modest $25m in revenue in 2010 to nearly $600m in annual sales, the company’s explosive growth has been led by the brilliance of Talking Rain’s CEO, Kevin Klock, and his highly talented team. If you haven’t seen Sparkling Ice it is worth taking a look. The Sparkling Ice range looks stunning: a riot of vibrant fruity colors in sleek elegant bottles. Most importantly the taste is delicious and healthy, too!

At Fresh, we’ve been very proud to have played a small part in Talking Rain’s story by expressing their vibrant and engaging brand identity into their websites. As an enthusiastic consumer of Sparkling Ice/Talking Rain beverages, we look forward to being a trusted partner as they continue to spread their refreshing products worldwide.


Robbie Rice

Digital Consulting Lead

Robbie is Fresh’s Digital Consulting Lead, possessing over 10 years’ experience in UX, product management, quantitative research, and corporate training with clients such as BMW, VW Group, and Festool GMBH. Robbie has an MBA from Notre Dame and an MA in Cognition and the Mind from the University of Southampton. As one of Fresh’s business strategists, Robbie works with clients to ensure their business objectives are being met.