The Unspotted (Fresh) Perspective


Children are beautifully, unexpectedly insightful. The essence of the engagement is often their lack of knowledge of their contribution. They don’t expect a congratulatory note on their divinely thoughtful role in the conversation. Thank them, nevertheless, and contemplate their words with care.

Muse over their musings, and weigh the reality that they are untainted by the breadth of your knowledge on the subject, whatever it may be, and therefore offer a perspective that is delightfully and unabashedly fresh; a genuinely fresh perspective.

In his informal discussions on Zen meditation and practice, Shunryu Suzuki spoke of the “beginner’s mind,” or one “which step by step and in a flash can realize the original nature of things.” While this phrase conveys a significant teaching in Zen Buddhism, one should not discount young minds as sources of a beginner’s viewpoint.

When delving into a new venture, acknowledge the influence of history; whether personal or universal, the past undeniably impacts the way you envision solutions. Ask yourself what it would take to attain a “beginner’s mind,” and consider how you could use awareness to cultivate a renewed view on the project at hand. Sometimes, the simplest alteration in outlook can have impressive consequences.


Alexandra Matthiesen