Fresh Consulting Sponsors GeekWire 200: Refreshing a Seattle Tech Tradition


Sponsored by Fresh Consulting, GeekWire is reintroducing a Seattle tech tradition with the GeekWire 200 index – a ranking of the region’s technology startups. GeekWire 200 is designed to help identify companies that are growing quickly, making an impact, and grabbing the attention of key online communities.

The GeekWire 200 index pulls data from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and SEOmoz, and uses an algorithm to rank the companies from GeekWire’s larger Seattle Startup List, a directory of more than 700 startups from the Seattle region.

The index hosts sorting and filtering functionalities so you can filter B2B and B2C startups, or focus on rankings in more than 20 different startup categories. Additionally, GeekWire 200 allows you to see which companies are engaging on social media platforms, like Twitter and LinkedIn, and who commands these social spaces.

In collaboration with GeekWire, Fresh Consulting developed the Geekwire 200 index and UI design, as well as automated the data gathering among programs to simplify updating month over month.

We are proud to be partnering with GeekWire on this venture, and others, and look forward to seeing the GeekWire 200 index develop into a full-fledged resource demonstrating the strength and success of the Seattle tech community.


Alexandra Matthiesen