Energy Creates Energy


Have you ever worked with a group of people where everything clicks? If you’ve had that opportunity during your career or perhaps outside of work, such as with a sports team, band, fraternity or other organization you know it can be magical. Things work, move forward, everything “feels right,” you “pull-together” or catch the same vision. Energy creates energy.

Like a critical mass, positive energy pulls great people together as one and everyone collaborating together creates a powerful momentum.

Fresh began with a vision of utilizing the power of the web to provide client solutions. We’ve used remote resources, staffing, crowdsourcing and offshore teams to deliver client projects. Our approach creates value for our clients and builds momentum … and sometime that momentum leads to new opportunities for growth.

In this case, the new opportunity grew to become part of Fresh’s core service offerings – recruiting and talent acquisition through staffing, consulting, contract-to-hire and temp-to-perm.

At the beginning of 2010 clients asked Fresh to provide consultants to work on-site for critical projects in development and design. We successfully implemented this model with Fortune 100 clients.

Today’s workplace demands performance, shorter times-to-market and flawless delivery whether working onshore, offshore, outsourced, via partners and through contingent staff.

Talk with us, tell us about your objectives, share your energy to create energy with us and we will deliver Fresh ideas and acquire the right talent to build your vision.




Mike Whitmore

Advisory Board President