David Bowie: a true innovator


7:59am – my sister texted me… “David Bowie died.” I was shocked. 69 seemed too soon for one of the most influential people of the 20th century.

I have always been inspired by David Bowie. The rebel spirit, challenging the status-quo, always pushing the boundaries… Bowie re-shaped the definition of rock-and-roll and created countless fashion and musical styles that continue to influence artists today. Some consider David Bowie to be the original shock rocker and the inventor of glam-rock. What I found truly inspiring was the way Bowie constantly re-invented himself. His brand is indefinable. It seemed every new album he had a new look or “persona”. Bowie’s influence on fashion and pop-culture is undeniable, but his transformations weren’t limited to his looks. David Bowie innovated lyrically and musically – even to his last days.


Nathan Dean