Walter Nicholas

Walter completed his BS in Math at the University of Washington and has been learning web development in the two years since. His experience has primarily been focused on front-end work using AngularJS, but he has also done some full-stack work using the MEAN stack.

In Walter’s free time, he likes to play soccer, shoot pool, and fumble around on a piano or keyboard. He enjoys talking about music and is always curious about what people are listening to.

Walter is excited to utilize his front-end knowledge and diversify his skills in this new role at Fresh, initially working on CBRE.

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Expertise, Website Development

3 Ways to Automate the Detection of Website Vulnerabilities

There is no such thing as perfect security, only varying levels of insecurity. -Salman Rushdie Although the context of this quote is completely irrelevant to the internet and web development, the content of the quote is perfectly applicable to web security. However, if you manage, develop, or run a website, and you value the security
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