Steve Yin

After finishing his Ph.D. study in ECE from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Steve started his career in advanced electrical and biomedical engineering R&D work for clinical applications. He later became a tech entrepreneur in new product development and commercialization.

Steve’s specialties include R&D in signal and imaging processing, computer vision, and AI/ML, along with data analytics, program management, and continuous improvement. His most recent work is in the healthcare and education industries.

When he is not working, he loves traveling, reading, and outdoor activities like jogging and hiking.

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AI/Machine Learning, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Hardware, Robotic Software Development, Robotic Systems Integration

Building a Robust Perception Library for Robots

Due to many implementation nuances, intelligent and performant robotic perception is hard to get right. That’s why creating a perception library for robots is essential. A portfolio of datasets, tools, inferencing methods, deployment tactics, and practice guidelines provides the building blocks for establishing perception workflows with better assurance and efficiency than a case-by-case approach. Such
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