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You can wait for the next big shift in the technological landscape, or you can forecast what’s on the horizon and act on it. Our team is passionate about discussing all things innovation. So what’s next? Whether we see you at one of our events or come speak at one of yours, we look forward to discussing how to stay on the leading edge.

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Keeping It Fresh

Cultivating Thought Leadership Since 2007

We believe in helping organizations and industries stay fresh. We’re an integrated consulting team of designers, developers, engineers, and strategists. A diversity of perspectives is what keeps us energized. Meet the people who make us Fresh.

Speaking Topics

Our Areas of Expertise

Digital Trends for the Future

The digital landscape constantly shifts. Analyzing data, trends, and our own organizational experiences, we’ll leave you with actionable insight about how to prepare for the future.


Robotics & Automation

Future of AR/VR

The age of mixed reality has come. Explore the immense potential of AR and VR and understand what your business stands to gain from integrating this transformative technology early on.

Human Experience Design

Consumer-facing products are used by humans, so they should be designed for them. We’ll explore actions your cross-functional teams can take to create intelligent human experiences.

Leadership by Design

The modern world becomes more complex everyday. The most impactful solutions simplify it. We’ll present on the key tenets of design thinking: problem solving that’s logical and empathetic.


Continuous Innovation

Autonomous Culture

Employee autonomy leads to higher levels of job satisfaction and well-being. How do you grant employees freedom and ownership over their work? Take your business outside the box.

Design & Innovation

The world’s most successful organizations constantly evolve and change, emphasizing innovation. Our speakers will help you envision a trajectory for your own organizational evolution.

UX Methods & Principles

UX is at the core of design, digital, and engineering work. Learn about the principles that guide our process and how you can adopt them to elevate and advance your own.

Product Strategy

Your product works now. Will it excel in an uncertain future? Learn more about developing an end-to-end vision for your product, with an emphasis on establishing a strategic, future-focused plan of action.

Customer Experience (CX)

CX is the sum of a customer’s experience with an organization’s products and services. Discover methods for ensuring your brand’s touchpoints are unified, compelling, and customer-centric.


Human & Robot Factors

Where We’ve Been

Events, Engagements & Presentations

Future Innovators Workshop


Fresh’s philosophy is to integrate anywhere: on our teams, through our processes, and in our client solutions. Whether it’s an executive briefing or a conference keynote, we’re happy to bring our talents to help your event stay fresh.

NIWeek 2019 with United Rentals

Part Creative. Part Technical. Part Business. 100% Fresh.

- Since 2007 -

Speakers in Action

Fresh Ideas Travel and So Do We

Wherever you are now, our role is to help you anticipate the future and prepare. Speaking and presenting in a variety of places is one way of doing that. By helping others develop strategies, products, and experiences, we can collectively progress along the innovation curve and create new value across industries. Fresh’s thought leaders have spoken at our headquarters, public and private venues, and more. We’ve traveled from the Pacific Northwest to global destinations, all in the interest of sharing our knowledge and experience.


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Where We’re Going

Upcoming Events & Workshops

  • Oct 01 2020

    X Marks the Spot: The Convergence of End-to-End Experience for Guiding Product Innovation


    How do you avoid indecisiveness in the innovation process? Hear from professionals in technology, robotics, software, and consulting industries to learn the best practices in innovation strategy.

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