What We Believe

We believe in staying fresh

We believe in helping you stay fresh. Wherever you are now, our role is to help you adapt to stay relevant and competitive. This involves designing and building strategies, products, and experiences that help you progress along the innovation curve, from bleeding edge capability for the future to relevant capability that helps you avoid disruption and connect with today. Ultimately, we’re looking to create fresh value for you because that is exactly what innovation is. We believe the digital and technology evolution is driving more outside change that requires constant innovation inside to stay fresh. In this ever-changing fast-paced world, what got us here today won’t get us to tomorrow. We work together to find clarity and position strategically to assure positive growth in the whirlwind of constant change. In the process of designing and building the future, we stay fresh together.

We believe in building human experiences and technology for good

We believe in building technology for good and building better human experiences. Good means it helps humans have more freedom, choice, or time to achieve their full potential.

Creation and creativity are built into our DNA. Humans are innately creative, innovative, social, and productive…we believe technology and experiences that further those human qualities and help us be our best selves is good. While technology can enhance productivity, relationships, creativity, and knowledge, it can also harm the aforementioned. Too much can have destructive behaviors, and too little is not enough. We believe in building in control mechanisms so that technology serves us vs. controls us. When designed, we believe intelligent machines that can sense and respond to the real environment can pair, augment, and integrate with us to help us be more productive. So we believe in connecting humans, systems, and machines for harmonious output.

We believe in autonomous systems that elevate human autonomy..that design in humanity, not design it out. As we shape technology and it evolves, we believe it should spread out and become more invisible and more helpful in our natural surroundings and everyday work. In the process, machines will take on more mechanical work, and we believe technology should help humans be human…not the other way around. Ultimately, the things we make, make us. Let’s design the future with intent.

We believe that integrated thinking from holistic teams and end-to-end process accelerates innovation

We believe in holistic services, end-to-end processes, diverse teams, and integrated client relationships to produce the best results.

We value breadth and value depth, and we’re part creative, part technical, part business to work on the feasibility, desirability, and viability of innovation. 100% Fresh. Design, strategy, software, hardware, and robotics are all part of our core skill sets, and we blend human-centered design practices with advanced software and hardware engineering to create value together. Bringing together diverse perspectives early that are important to end outcomes culminates in the most innovative output because it harmonizes and exploits otherwise opposing ideas and constraints that result in new solutions.

The future is even more complex and mastering that complexity inside helps us simplify solutions for outside. We believe in designing to help us think, and building things to mature our thinking. That’s why we love prototyping products, robots, and experiences. We learn so much by doing but gain so much by planning and thinking and doing intellectual work upfront.

We believe design- and strategy-led work creates more meaningful innovation 

Design is the visualization of ideas, and gives ideas form and function. Visuals provide the speed of cognition to enhance collaboration. And collaboration accelerates innovation via team energy, idea associations, people connections, and feedback for implementation speed.

We believe the core process of innovation should involve divergent and convergent thinking, creating choices upfront to encourage informed decisions and making choices through methods of evaluation. Design strategy should not just involve aesthetic innovation but conceptual innovation to solve meaningful problems. Design can be most persuasive for change when it involves data and science and architecture, which inform and validate creative thinking. Multi-faceted design that focuses on the fresh, creative, and new aspect of innovation and strategic analysis and numbers that focus on the value, results, and benefits of innovation are both important to work that leads to innovation—something fresh that creates value. Design strategy helps us adapt, create, and make choices when things change, and the world, marketplaces, and technology landscape is changing ever faster.