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5 Reasons Why We Use WordPress [UPDATED 2017]

August 25, 2017

Elisha Terada

By Elisha Terada

WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites.

WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time.

The team at Fresh Consulting has many years of accumulated knowledge and resources to deploy high quality websites using WordPress. Here are a few reasons why it’s our top choice for clients:

1. The most popular CMS in the world

WordPress holds the largest CMS market share by far, and currently accounts for over a quarter of all websites. As a result, many users are already familiar with the WordPress CMS, requiring less staff training when building a new site.

CMS Market Share 2017

Wordpress Market Share

Breakdown of websites with a clearly identifiable CMS, according to W3Tech’s survey of the top 1 million domains.

2. Open Source with room for expansion

WordPress can be self-hosted, so there are no costs associated with downloading, installing, and upgrading. There are more than 50,000 WordPress plugins (often free), such as slideshows, contact forms, SEO optimization, etc.

For inspiration, check out 12 Plugins our Dev Team loves. Fresh Consulting licenses the premium plugins we deploy on websites, such as WordPress video manuals and easy website backup and restore functions, at no additional cost to you.

3. Highly customizable for great flexibility

WordPress is popular because it meets the demands of many users with its flexible framework, which allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications. Coupled with user-generated extensions, websites are no longer limited by enterprise extensions.

Our team has experience extending WordPress functionality, as well as incorporating a wide range of plugins, to meet our clients’ unique demands.

4. Designed for anyone, not just developers

Before WordPress became a popular CMS for website development, it was developed for non-tech savvy bloggers. So, most of the user-interface components are easy to use, and there are written and recorded manuals available for easily learning how to use WordPress functions. Our team handles all the complexities of setting up and customizing your website; all you have to do is to update the content on pages, posts, widgets, etc.

One of the premium plugins we provide to our clients offers both written and video user manuals for WordPress to facilitate on-boarding with the CMS.

5. Lower setup and maintenance costs

According to DeviousMedia, WordPress incurs fewer setup, customization, and maintenance costs in comparison to other Open Source CMS like Drupal and Joomla. Additionally, it is relatively easier to find WordPress designers and developers if more customization or development is necessary in the future. You don’t get locked down by a static website or proprietary CMS that is costly to tweak after initial development.

WordPress can be a quick win for improving your customer experience. Contact us today to learn more.

Additional Resources:

25 Interesting Facts about WordPress [Infographic]

Elisha Terada

Elisha Terada

  • There is no denying that WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS in the world. The reason that WordPress has ruled the CMS realm is that themes and plugins are easily available on it. It’s users have an ocean of choices as to plugins/themes that they wish to download. We as Techcronus recommend WordPress web development. Reach us at …

  • This article is absolutely on point and even still factual today. WordPress just keeps getting better and better everyday. Nice points.

  • wordpress is an amazing platform for developing seo friendly websites

  • Craig Calabrese

    is this a word press built site here ??? the fresh site

    • Joe Dean

      Yes. See if your browser supports BuiltWith, a browser plugin that will tell you all about any given website.

  • texelate

    Questions for the author:

    Why would you recommend the same CMS for all projects? Don’t you listen to client requirements first?

    What other CMSs have you used?

  • Dimegirl

    Would it be a good site for a music platform? Or is it more about the business side of things? I am interested in learning how to set up my own web page.

  • Bhakti Patel

    Great article! It’s amazing how huge WordPress has become. According to 2018 statistics ( WordPress now powers 30% of the internet.

  • it’s very interesting to know the reasons why to use wordpress, it is also very important to know how to uninstall and reinstall wordpress ( As WordPress installation can be automated now a days so it is very easy to install and reinstall wordpress

  • We always prefer wordpress for build SEO friendly website

  • We use wordpress and get a better result compare to other web platform consider for SEO

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