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Altium has been a key player in evolving circuit design software from limited capability to all-in-one seamless, high-performing functionality. Compared with other circuit design platforms that required third-party integrations or performed slowly, Altium was built to tightly integrate FPGA, schematic, CAD, and MCAD tools on a single fast, cohesive platform. Backed by a 30-year history of leadership in engineering development and innovation, Altium’s superior efficiency makes it Fresh’s preferred CAE software.

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Why we use it

Technique Matters.

Altium's Powerful Features

Some of Altium's key features include multi-channel hierarchical design for fast creation of duplicated circuits, built in signal integrity, 3D field solvers for impedance control and power domain network analysis for optimal current distribution for a safe, reliable design.

Leading CAE Technology

Unlike many competitor solutions, Altium's tools understand the native database of physical, schematic, and logical abstractions, giving it the ability to deliver nearly instantaneous interchange in various domains.

Integrated Design Ability

Altium provides SolidWorks design exchange, intimate schematic-layout cross probing, an instant 3D view of board parts and support structures, and direct database submission with many PCB fabrication houses.

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Schuyler "Cole" Wilhelm

Schuyler "Cole" Wilhelm

Electrical Engineer
Jeff Dalton

Jeff Dalton

Sr. Electrical Engineer
Tyler Bowen

Tyler Bowen

Sr. Controls/Systems Engineer

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