Fresh Quality Core


Today, Fresh Consulting is announcing the Fresh Quality Core project.

Fresh Quality Core assists developers with automated testing of classes that use Dependency Injection.

It sets up a service provider environment with commonly used classes, and facilitates the instantiation of classes using Dependency Injection in a MS Test environment.  The library provides flexibility in terms of what services will be provided, as well as a mechanism for overriding the dependency injection for individual test cases.

A proof of concept for Fresh Quality Core was used to provide complete code coverage (level 3 coverage as described in Unit/Automated Testing) of controllers that inherited from the ApiController class in a Web Service that was written in .NET Core 2.1.  Based on the experiences with the proof of concept, a new version was written from scratch to allow for injection for any class so long as the services were properly defined.

We recommend using automated testing in your projects, as not only will it improve the overall reliability, it will ease the process of improving the code base.  Long term, this will yield faster improvements for less effort.

The Fresh Quality Core Project can be dowloaded here.

Sean McKay

Sean McKay

Sr. Staff Engineer

Sean brings nearly two decades of experience. He got his initial start as a software developer at Perot Systems in 1998, and has been in the localization industry for about a decade.

Server applications in .Net have been Sean’s primary focus over the years, including GIS handling, notifications for mobile devices, analysis, and modification. His particular expertise is with data handling, whether in the form of reports, optimizations, parsing, or extracting from irregular sources. Sean likes to use Python and Cobra to explore new programming concepts. He also has experience using Xamarin and Fuse Tools on mobile applications, and occasionally does some front-end work.

Sean enjoys discussing the topic and process of storytelling as it pertains to movies, shows, and books. He also has a weakness for personality type systems and can be tricked into taking those tests with little effort.