Fresh Halloween 2016


Fresh team members never fail to impress us with their creativity, especially around Halloween – once dubbed the “Christmas for creatives.” Check out this year’s Fresh Halloween costumes below!

Lexi set the bar high with her Icarus costume!

The Yaguchi kids charmed us as a Charmander and Celebrity.

Gotta catch em’ all!

The Christensen kids are a Force to be reckoned with in their coordinated Star Wars costumes – complete with R2-D2 sound effects!

Django. The D is silent.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed – we certainly were!

The Do family represented Japan with sushi and Studio Ghibli character costumes!

It’s me! Mario!

Kurt just wanted an excuse to wear his pajamas to work.

Baby Jaxson looks cuter than pumpkin pie in his monkey costume.


Rachael Saxby

Office Manager

achael has a diverse work and education background. She has a BA in Psychology as well as BS in Economic Geology. She’s worked as a behavior change specialist to help people quit tobacco, and as a mine geologist in copper mines of the SW US. Since returning home to the Pacific Northwest, Rachael is enjoying being part of the Fresh team as the Office Manager. Her diverse background is reflected in her hobbies as well which span from dance, to parkour, to circus arts.