Fresh Consulting Adds Industrial Design to Its Services, Strengthening Innovation Capability


Fresh Consulting solidifies end-to-end strategy in the hardware space by bridging the gap between software and hardware with the addition of an industrial design offering.

[Press Release] On July 1st, 2019, Fresh Consulting, a design-led software, hardware, and robotics innovation company, announced the addition of Industrial Design to their creative services. This latest offering bridges the gap between software and hardware, solidifying Fresh Consulting’s end-to-end strategy and design innovation capabilities.

Fresh Consulting’s CEO, Jeff Dance, explains, “Design is the visualization of ideas. It gives ideas form and function. Adding industrial design allows us to conceptualize products and test and validate market-fit sooner for our integrated product engineering discipline.” This dynamic relationship between Fresh engineers and designers enables the company to ideate, prototype, and produce innovative physical products that meet end-user goals, business objectives, and manufacturing constraints.

Fresh Consulting spent over a year assembling this new industrial design team.

“We gathered a long list of candidates and then selected the best ones to build an incredible foundational team, each with different strengths and backgrounds,” says Dance.

Leading the new Industrial Design team is Industrial Design Director Aaron Hawkins, who has experience with companies such as Electrolux, Precor, and FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Aaron is joined by Industrial Designer Jordan Steranka, Product Designer Mark Nader, and Industrial Designer Scotty Paton. The team of talented designers has experience in a broad spectrum of industries from automobiles, consumer electronics, and children’s products, to aerospace, medical devices, and interior architecture.

Recent industrial design projects include an autonomous vehicle testing robot and an educational artificial intelligence platform. A few of the recent projects can be viewed on Fresh’s website (

View some of our Industrial Design projects here.


Milo Steimle

Digital Marketing Strategist