Eastside WordPress Developers Recap


Thanks to everyone who made it out to the first Eastside WordPress Developers Meetup!

It was a great success with informative talks given by Steve Hulet, Fresh Co-Founder and CTO, and Andrew Villeneuve, WordPress security consultant and organizer of the Seattle WordPress Meetup. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap plus SlideShare links and full videos of each presentation.

Steve Hulet: Automatically detecting security vulnerabilities in WordPress.

Steve Hulet presented on automatically detecting security vulnerabilities in WordPress. He covered common WordPress weak spots like SQL injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and provided details about tools that help you detect these potential trouble spots in your continuous integration. Check out the slides from the presentation:

Andrew Villeneuve: HTTPS and WordPress

Andrew Villenueve was gracious enough to give us a few pointers for our first meetup, as well speak about HTTPS in the realm of WordPress. Andrew discussed the history of data encryption, and provided an array of information and resources to get your site up and running with HTTPS. Andrew provides tips such as avoiding deprecated terminology such as SSL, the importance of choosing a host, and some additional WordPress specific tips that will help keep your site secure. I encourage you to check out all of Andrew’s tips in this video:

Stay tuned for more meetups

Stay tuned for more Eastside WordPress Developer meetups by becoming a member on our meetup page. Also, if you have a specific topic you’d like us to cover, or if you are interested in presenting, send me an email at [email protected].


Chris Allen

WordPress Developer Lead

Chris has eight years of experience in front-end development with various CMS and eCommerce platforms and deep specialization in WordPress.

His background in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of Portland enables him to collaborate more effectively with design teams. Chris uses his expertise with various programming languages and web standards to create user-friendly web experiences and lead project teams.​

He’s a father of two and plays on both Fresh’s basketball and softball teams.