Tyler Bowen

Tyler is a Sr. Controls/Systems Engineer specializing in system design and integration for autonomous measurement test and control systems and R&D robotics. He entered the electronics field while serving as a USAF Communications & Avionics Specialist for eight years.

Tyler has broad experience with mechatronics, fluidics, microcontrollers, firmware, and embedded software. He holds a BSEE and is currently pursuing his Masters in Systems and Robotics at the University of Washington.

He is an avid reader, from sci-fi and fantasy novels to electronics and technical systems books, and also loves video games, riding motorcycles, and creating art with traditional and digital media.

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Autonomous Mobile Robots, Expertise, Hardware, Robotic Software Development, Robotic Systems Integration

Applications of Consumer Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are one of the most highly anticipated consumer products—and the wait is almost up. As the technology progresses and becomes more available over the next decade, new industry and lifestyle applications will emerge. Whether positive, negative or a mix of both—the effects from this industry are sure to have major implications in our
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AI/Machine Learning, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Expertise, Hardware, Software

Who’s Who in Consumer Autonomous Vehicles

You can bet the year 2021 will mark the beginning of the “autonomous vehicle decade.” Beyond trendy brands like Tesla and Waymo logging hours at self-driving auto tracks, a flock of traditional carmakers and tech giants are investing heavily in autonomous vehicle development. Some companies are approaching their driverless initiatives alone—developing the software, hardware, and
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