Nissa Van Meter

Nissa is a Sr. Electrical Engineer specializing in system design/integration/test with a love of all things RF. She got her start in the industry at The Boeing Company as an Electrophysics Engineer, with expertise in satellite communication systems integration.

Nissa earned a BSEE and MSEE from the University of Washington, studying embedded systems design and microwave engineering. She has a broad range of skills including microcomputer systems, circuit design, signal processing, and R&D.

When she’s not crafting systems, Nissa enjoys playing indoor/outdoor volleyball or spending an entire afternoon with a good action RPG.



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Hardware, Product Development

A Primer on Antenna Design and RF Matching Circuit Design

​In the world of telecommunications, antennas with RF (Radio Frequency) and matching circuits play a crucial role in the successful wireless transmission and reception of data. Antenna design is a complex process involving the careful consideration of various factors to ensure the design aligns with the intended application. Additionally, RF matching circuits must be configured
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