Mitch Tolson

Mitch has over a decade of engineering experience and a proven ability to advance industry processes and automation. As PACCAR’S lead of a new product lifecycle management team, Mitch implemented process and tool improvements and architected a CAD DDM that is actively used. At Microsoft, he became head of the Devices Engineering Services organization that supported over 3,500 people, creating the system vision, strategy, and architecture. Mitch earned an ME in mechatronics from University of Washington.

Mitch is a dedicated husband and proud father of two amazing kids. He devotes over 1,000 hours per year to supporting student robotics education through volunteering at FIRST Robotics.

AI/Machine Learning, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Expertise, Hardware, Product Development, Robotic Software Development, Robotic Systems Integration, Software, Technology Architecture

What We Can Expect From Edge Computing

The growth of edge computing is about to surge. Currently, companies are producing around 90% of their data within centralized data centers or clouds. But according to a report by Gartner, within the next six years, that number will drop to 25%, with the majority being sent to the edge. Predictions of The Future State
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AI/Machine Learning, Expertise, Software

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing allows data generated by internet of things (IoT) devices be processed at a closer location instead of sending it far away to clouds or data centers. Processing this data closer to the “edge” of the network allows it to be done in real-time. This is important for any industry that processes tons of
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