Marc Wallace

Marc specializes in product research, strategy and design across all media platforms and has been with Fresh Consulting since 2015. Prior to Fresh Consulting, Marc spent 12+ years working for interactive design agencies in Los Angeles where he designed online games, AR experiences, and websites for clients such as Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, Paramount, and Disney. Whether designing websites, applications, or embedded touchscreen interfaces, Marc focuses on translating business and customer needs into seamless experiences.

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AI/Machine Learning, Design, Software, UX/UI Design

Machine Learning UI Starts with Trust

With the increasing amount of data, the ability to detect patterns and surface them in a trustworthy and actionable manner is key to remaining competitive. Let’s start by defining a couple things first: UI (User Interface) is the means by which the user and a computer system interact. For the purpose of this article we
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4 Steps to Good Halloween Maze UX

Designing a good maze requires challenging people, rather than frustrating them. And with Halloween mazes, there should be some level of fear involved with that challenge. So how do you create that optimal level of challenge and fear without frustrating people to the point of quitting …or worse yet, crying? My advice? Pull from the
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