Dragan Rusnov

Dragan is a Software Development Director with over 20 years of experience in his career. He has deep experience building web applications, with expert proficiency in .NET, C#, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and MS SQL.

Before joining Fresh, Dragan worked as a senior application developer, solution architect, software engineer, and founder of a software agency. His experience provides him authority in engineering, leadership, and analysis.

Dragan loves barbecuing and cooking traditional Bosnian/Balkan dishes. He has been playing the guitar for almost four decades and says music is his second nature.

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Software, Systems Design, Technology Architecture

The Definition, Concept, and Impact of Solution Architecture

Solution architecture is a description of a specific solution that comprises business-related, informational, and technical points of view. Solution architectures help developers define the requirements and strategies needed to successfully implement a software solution. A solution usually consists of multiple systems and describes a conceptual model that represents the structure and behavior of each system,
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