Marco Micheletti

Marco brings over 20 years of experience in managing engineering teams. Throughout his career, he has led teams shipping iconic innovations at companies such as Valve and Microsoft.

Marco has driven automation, product development, supply chain, and manufacturing for products including the Xbox 360, Nike GPS Watch and Fuelband, Steam Controller, and Steam VR Kit. He brings deep expertise and leadership in high-value automation, advanced manufacturing, and autonomous vehicle solutions. Marco holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington.

At home, he and his wife stay busy with their 9-year-old son and enjoy swimming, hiking local trails, and skiing as a family.

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Expertise, Hardware, Manufacturing Automation, Robotic Systems Integration, Test Automation

Principles of Design for Automated Manufacturing

To enable success in achieving your design for automated manufacturing (DFAM) objectives and goals, we recommend creating thoughtful business and product requirements to inform your automation design processes. If you create a product that is suited for automation, you set yourself up for success down the line during the design of the automation equipment, product
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