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The Design Thinking Innovation Workshop – Shifting a Thought into Action

October 4, 2019

Abbie Owen

By Abbie Owen

Human empathy is the driving force behind design thinking. This dynamic process utilizes a calculated mindset to recognize and solve real issues people may encounter.

“Design thinking allows us to be intentional about the future.” – Max West

On Thursday, September 19th, we opened our doors to share some of our creative processes at our Design Thinking Innovation Workshop. It was an evening filled with opportunity to connect with the creative community, participate in workshops and listen to inspiring speeches. Of course, we also enjoyed some delicious hors d’oeuvres to kick off the night.

Hands-On Workshops

Throughout the office, we held stations inviting attendees to visit and interact with our products and systems designed using AI, AR/VR and autonomous robotics.  Guests were able to view boards with several industrial design sketches. These presented the holistic design process involved in our product development.

One of our stations featured our product, Telemus. This uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence to cultivate an immersive and personalized user experience. These technologies allow humans to be able to create more efficiently. By displaying the varying components that make up Telemus, we were able to invite our guests to gain an understanding of how our design team works together to create.

As the evening went on, we offered an opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops. These offered the chance for guests to tackle the process of design thinking. The sessions covered the environmental issue of recycling. Participants were encouraged to tap into their imagination to devise new and inventive solutions to an ongoing issue. This served as a great example of how we solve real-world problems utilizing this specific strategy.

Keynote Speeches

Toward the end of the evening, we listened to speeches highlighting the significant influence of designer creativity on our future. These were provided by our Design Strategy Lead, Max West and our CEO, Jeff Dance. We listened to the connection between the human resistance of change and the technological push on boundaries.

Though change can feel uncomfortable, our society relies on this push in order to move forward and progress. Facing change encourages a sense of growth. Both talks emphasized the idea that design is a human process. It is the very factor which binds us with technology.

“The things we make, make us.” – Jeff Dance

Essentially, as humans, we are continuously revising and designing our future. This special ability to relate to each other and our differing experiences, allows us to expedite technological advances. We have complete control over the quality of tomorrow.


As the event wrapped up, we began our raffle which consisted of 3 prizes: a Wacom Tablet, Pallette Pico and Pallette Starter Kit. While our lucky winners took home some exciting new toys, we hoped that all who attended gained a sense of inspiration and an understanding of the dynamic, holistic design process.

With this hands on environment, we were able to break down the creation of these seemingly complex designs through one simple process: design thinking.

Abbie Owen

Abbie Owen

Marketing Intern



The Future of Design Thinking


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