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What Brighton Jones Says

Fresh gave us exactly what we needed. This [project] was going to be a big hurdle, and Fresh was able to take care of it. Taking a vision and bringing it to life has been world-changing. Fresh empowered us to utilize this new tool and system to build our own content, while providing unique talents and skills to guide us along the way.

Jedidiah Collins, Director of Financial Education at Brighton Jones

What Puget Paving & Construction Says

It was great working with the Fresh team, as this was our first time working with vendor on a bigger scale. [The team] was patient and persistent, and ultimately we are thrilled with the end result and level of training we have received.

Gunnar Gehring, President at Puget Paving & Construction

What Epiq Global Says

Fresh is exceptional at talking at a tactical level with business teams up to C-level management. Any presentations you do are detailed and appropriate at that level. You are very good at providing detailed information for project management, ie, burndowns, status, and especially financials.

Mark Olzenak, IT Development Director at Epiq Global

What T-Mobile Says

We’re thrilled with the end result – especially the fact that the project went live in time for a series of important meetings in the nation’s capital.

Peter Summerville, National Development, Senior Communications Manager at T-Mobile

What OpenText Says

It’s a great partnership that can come together to meet the tightest of deadlines. I wanted to thank you for making OpenText a priority in our last minute video creation request. This video was really important to us for our event next week. Beyond this, I wanted to extend extra thank you to Nathan. Working with Nathan has been a fantastic experience. His creativity, dedication and attention to detail has been what made our videos so great. It is such a pleasure to work with someone that truly cares about the quality of the work and desires to exceed expectation. Nathan definitely exceeded my expectation. We have had nothing but rave reviews on the final videos. We will drop you a note after our event to let you know how our customers received them. Looking forward to continued work together.

Janet Luisser, Director, Product Marketing at OpenText

What Thriftbooks Says

I absolutely love this video. I especially love the narrator's voice as a match to the imagery. Bravo! Outstanding work. More More More!

Ken Goldstein, Board Member at Thriftbooks

What OpenText Says

I can not tell you how much the hard work you have put in getting us through the finish line with these videos has been appreciated! Don’t know where to begin, but first things first, you have to know that the last IX Suite video you did for us was not only seen, but literally loved by our CEO, CMO and our IX & Cloud SVP (my boss). Trust me when I tell you I made sure they knew who was behind the video.

Xavier Chaillot, VP Marketing | Information Exchange | Cloud at OpenText

What Passport Unlimited Says

Fresh Consulting has produced two videos for Passport Unlimited and is in the process of producing an additional three. The two videos that Fresh has delivered have been extremely well received. Fresh listened carefully to our needs and crafted videos that were “on message”, fit with our brand and were visually engaging. The process of producing the videos has been smooth. From the initial interview process all the way to the delivery of the final product, Fresh has been very responsive to our feedback and has provided multiple options for us to choose from. I would highly recommend Fresh as a resource for producing high-quality, well executed videos in an economical and efficient manner.

Kelsey, at Passport Unlimited

What PaperShare Says

Whew, it's been a crazy past 2 months! I realized in the middle of the night last night that we had never officially paused and thanked the Fresh team for all of the long nights, strategic thinking and incredible work that you each delivered. I am honored to have been part of this team and I'm thrilled that we pushed everyone just out of their comfort zones – the outcome(s) were out of the park. We've seen 10x increase in traffic to the sales door since launch. The logo looked incredible in the booth. The video is a great story. The whitepaper looks slick and we've had nearly 3k views of it since the week prior to launch. Nice. I'm grateful for not only the work, but for the team and their partnership.

Jen Houston, Advisor at PaperShare

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