UW Companies Show Off Fresh Technology

May 22, 2013

Brett Greene

By Brett Greene

What happens when you mix five presentations by UW graduates who are successful entrepreneurs, over 400 supportive Seattle techies, and some Fresh sponsorship?

A great night of innovation, community building and learning about very cool technology, that’s what.

At this month’s  Seattle Tech Meetup those elements came together at the Paul G Allen Center for Computer Science and engineering at the University of Washington.  The UW graduate companies included PatientStream, BevyUp, CadenceBio, LumiSands, and SprialGenetics.

The night was dedicated to honoring the great work being done by UW graduates, inspiring future graduates to marry their ideas and education to start their own companies, and to make the community aware of how important it is to support computer science and engineering education in our high school students.

The fresh technology on display included a cloud-based electronic patient-tracking system for hospitals, a new technology that’s designed to help those with weakened muscles or disabilities walk, a revolutionary nano-particle color enhancer technology that makes LED lighting more attractive, affordable and eco-friendly, high-performance software for analyzing DNA, and a go-to spot for product information.

We are privileged to live in a community ripe with fresh, innovative companies driven by people developing cool technologies that make our world a better place.

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Brett Greene

Brett Greene

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