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Anthony Harrison
Director of Corporate Media Relations at Facebook

This website is a physical manifestation of us at Facebook recognizing there’s more power when we bring all these things together. The site does a better job of showing the breadth and depth of the work, to capture and showcase all of it.

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Ryan Brooks
Director, Digital Lending at WSECU

Beyond excited and proud of the success our Digital Lending transformation has had. Two years ago it was a dream, one year ago it was a lot of work and last week it received Best of Show at the CUNA Technology conference. So many people to thank! Our team at WSECU, from everyone participating on this adventure to those asking questions about it! Our development team and Fresh Consulting!

Ricardo Sitchin
VP of Life and Corporate Services IT at Symetra Financial

We had the handoff meeting with your team today. I just wanted to thank you for the great work your team did...I look forward to an opportunity to get back together again....You’ve got a great team.

Jedidiah Collins
Director of Financial Education at Brighton Jones

Fresh gave us exactly what we needed. This [project] was going to be a big hurdle, and Fresh was able to take care of it. Taking a vision and bringing it to life has been world-changing. Fresh empowered us to utilize this new tool and system to build our own content, while providing unique talents and skills to guide us along the way.

Gunnar Gehring
President at Puget Paving & Construction

It was great working with the Fresh team, as this was our first time working with vendor on a bigger scale. [The team] was patient and persistent, and ultimately we are thrilled with the end result and level of training we have received.

Andy Truhler
IT Director at Symetra Financial

The Fresh team was open, flexible, and collaborative. Fresh told us what we needed, and worked with us on a tight timeline. The team provided lots of great ideas regarding the structure of the development process, creating good proposals and working with our team to better define and refine. We are extremely impressed with quality of deliverables.

Mark Olzenak
IT Development Director at Epiq Global

Fresh is exceptional at talking at a tactical level with business teams up to C-level management. Any presentations you do are detailed and appropriate at that level. You are very good at providing detailed information for project management, ie, burndowns, status, and especially financials.

Paul Carboni
Digital Marketing Specialist at WSCPA

We are completely satisfied with the service we receive, and there is widespread belief internally among the staff that I report to on these projects that Fresh’s service is worth every penny...We have come to believe, based on past service, that when Fresh builds something, it just works.

Daniel Aguillon
VP, Platform Integration and Innovation at Advisor Group

The AG executive team are all extremely impressed with the Fresh team and your work.

Peter Summerville
National Development, Senior Communications Manager at T-Mobile

We’re thrilled with the end result – especially the fact that the project went live in time for a series of important meetings in the nation’s capital.

Danielle Caldwell
Manager, Product Design at Epiq

Fresh has become a natural extension of our internal product design team. The Fresh team is incredibly friendly, responsive, and collaborative. I’m always impressed by the quick turnaround and the quality of their work. I highly recommend Fresh to in-house teams that need occasional support to meet the changing needs of the business.

Grant Arnold
Director of Technology at Passport

We were overwhelmed with the collaboration, dedication, and insightful consultation we received from Fresh throughout the project. [The team's] behind-the-scenes consult...really helped refine and improve the overall quality of our final publication.

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Kristina Conrad
Marketing Director at Eyecare Associates

Thank you so very much, I appreciate you and your team’s dedication and hard work in making this project successful and delivering such a great product. You and your team have been extremely easy to work with and I appreciate all of your hard work.

Annette Tyson
Vice President of Strategic Planning and Internal Controls at TruckTrax

Fresh provides extremely high quality resources, but it is their leadership, collaboration, and culture that ensures success! They are part of our team, and always looking out for our best interests. It is a pleasure working with them.

Troy Ruckman
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Client Experience at Moss Adams

From all of us at Moss Adams we want to say a big Thank You for helping us launch our rebranded website on time and on budget. We’re getting great feedback from internal stakeholders and the external market on the functionality of the website, and how well it aligns with our other brand elements. Laura, Sarah, Christian and myself really enjoyed working with everyone on the Fresh side and thought there was a good balance of your team challenging us while also being flexible.

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Leonard Coyne
Founder at Soi Dog

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all at Fresh for your work on Soi Dog's site. The work the team has done is exceptional, one of the best development projects I've witnessed over decades working on business solution architecture, managing dev teams and managing software solution providers. Their work will result in quite literally saving the lives of tens of thousands of dogs and cats. Looking forward to commencing work on Phase 2.

Colin House
CEO at Sleep Genius

I truly appreciate all the great work you have done for me thus far. You have been highly honest and upfront and we have developed a great working relationship and that is something I sincerely hope to be able to continue doing in the future on other projects.

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Bill Bernat
Digital Marketing Manager at Adaptiva

We are extremely happy here, and we are getting a lot of positive feedback. The clean, simple look is resonating well for us. Nathan did a fabulous job for us, the product icons in particular are amazing – everybody loves them, and they wound up being pretty central to the entire site because on many pages they’re the primary simple “splash,” often in the form of sidebar ads, but also in the excellent diagrams he did and inline in the content. Elisha really went way above and beyond our expectations here. The DMS strategy has worked very well, and he stayed within that paradigm. More than that though, he basically made sure we had everything we wanted/needed in all aspects of the website. I do now shudder to think how lost we’d have been trying to do this without him. The depth of the engineering (often times we enter/update something in one place and have it automatically appear in many others) is appreciated internally. It is my intent to keep us working together going forward.

Susan Towers
Director of Marketing at Bigfoot

[The Website] is working quite well! We’ve seen a 30% increase in traffic and a 60% decrease in our bounce rate from this period over the same last year, so far. We’re excited to make even more progress with the site over time.

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Janet Luisser
Director, Product Marketing at OpenText

It’s a great partnership that can come together to meet the tightest of deadlines. I wanted to thank you for making OpenText a priority in our last minute video creation request. This video was really important to us for our event next week. Beyond this, I wanted to extend extra thank you to Nathan. Working with Nathan has been a fantastic experience. His creativity, dedication and attention to detail has been what made our videos so great. It is such a pleasure to work with someone that truly cares about the quality of the work and desires to exceed expectation. Nathan definitely exceeded my expectation. We have had nothing but rave reviews on the final videos. We will drop you a note after our event to let you know how our customers received them. Looking forward to continued work together.

Taylor Blair
Digital Media and Public Relations at Talking Rain

Thanks everyone for your hard work on this site. I cannot believe that it finally went live!!! It looks great and have already received phone calls letting me know how great it looks.

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Rich Miller
at White Pages

I want to say thanks for all of your hard work. We had a chance to review drafts with quite a few people internally and the response has been uniformly positive. And you have all been great to work with.

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Candice Alvarado
Marketing at Ben Bridge

Very exciting! Your team did an excellent job of creating a page that tells the story of the collection(s) with beautiful imagery, while carefully considering the target audience. Thank you for working with us on such a short notice, we really appreciate it!

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Brian Wright
Director, Consumer & Digital Marketing at Caris Life Sciences

The sales team loved the new website and can’t wait to see it launched. Feedback was good at every level of the organization.

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Brad Ogura
VP Marketing and Investor Relations at Puget Sound Bank

I love Fresh; everyone has been great to work with and you’re all a great partner for the Bank.

Brian Schaff
CEO at Intellicasting

I want you to know that I really enjoyed working with Fresh Consulting and was very pleased with not only the level of communication, but the deliverables that were given to me. They were able to see that I had a well thought out plan along with a vision for how I wanted the website to look and operate. The mockups and wireframes provided by Fresh Consulting were crucial in conveying my vision to potential investors. I had a very positive experience working with Fresh. I would easily recommend you to others based upon my experience.

Maria Geokezas
Director of Client Services at Heinz Marketing

Everyone is so impressed with what you guys have delivered. You’ve made our site so easy to update and keep professional-looking. We are very excited to launch this. You guys have been awesome to work. Really impressed from the initial design to the development and execution. Thank you for your efforts in making this all come together for us!

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Grant Arnold
Development Director at Passport Unlimited

Worth noting: the updated filter interactions were a result of the original input from Priya and Nathan and further evolution of the concept that came out of discussions between all of us. Truly, this was a team effort. I’m also really pleased with how the updated filters now function and look forward to rolling this updated UX into our Android and iOS apps!

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Scott Pierce
VP Product & Marketing at A6 Corporation

I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome work on the app, website, templates, advertising, creatives, logo, business cards – everything! We’re incredibly thrilled with the results! You’ve delivered beyond our expectations. I know we’ve been keeping you pretty busy and you have other clients to support. We appreciate your timely responses and quick turnarounds.

Norene McPherson
Project Manager at King County Assessors Office

"Fresh was really on the ball regarding communication. They were a pleasure to work with. The product they provided works extremely well and meets our needs perfectly. Fresh was very easy to work with and met all of our requirements in a timely manner. We would definitely work with them again.

Another: Jesse is doing a fantastic job! We are all incredibly pleased. We are over the moon regarding his wireup diagrams. They really do exceed our expectations!"

Cindy Patterson
Business Manager at Trutina Financial

Thanks again, just love working with you guys

Scott Urstad
Director of Operations at Media Pro

This last project you assisted us with was immensely helpful in getting us over a very critical hump in our immediately go live schedule. Travis was a great asset. Thank you.

Ken Goldstein
Board Member at Thriftbooks

I absolutely love this video. I especially love the narrator's voice as a match to the imagery. Bravo! Outstanding work. More More More!

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Mary Catherine Merzlak
at Brawner & Company

Nice job! We are totally in sync! The process has been awesome, Chris and the team are super on top of everything and extremely organized! We are really impressed with the design and communication from everyone.

Xavier Chaillot
VP Marketing | Information Exchange | Cloud at OpenText

I can not tell you how much the hard work you have put in getting us through the finish line with these videos has been appreciated! Don’t know where to begin, but first things first, you have to know that the last IX Suite video you did for us was not only seen, but literally loved by our CEO, CMO and our IX & Cloud SVP (my boss). Trust me when I tell you I made sure they knew who was behind the video.

Ruth Webster
Marketing Manager at Seattle Funding Group, LTd

I just wanted to let you know we got our booths back and they look great.

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Lonnie Anderson
at Winter Wyoming Tourism

. . .[Thank] you and your team for all the hard work and many hours you have put into this site. I am blown away on how beautiful this site is. Stunning! Extra proud today to be from Wyoming.

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Rebecca Lovell
Startup Liaison at Startup Seattle

Thanks guys! You all made it easy and were great to work with.

Vrushali Potdar
Marketing at DayBreakIT

Fresh team, I really appreciate all your efforts on the Daybreak website, it looks really nice. Great job!! Thanks again and I look forward to work together in future.

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Jessica Raymond
Customer Marketing at OpenText

Thank you for all of your hard work and your help in meeting our deadline. Your responsiveness and patience with all of our changes at the last minute and turning everything around quickly (and in many cases instantly) has not gone unnoticed. The Fresh team has been and is an incredible extension to [our ] team. Thank you for your help.

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Ted Schill
Manager at Plaster Group

Looking great... I've sent it out to the leadership team, they are pleased also. Nice work!

Steve Klimek
CEO at RedHawk

You guys have been great to work with. The site looks great and it has been a rewarding experience working through the creative process with your group. I think you did a masterful job working with our ideas when you thought it was ok and pushing back when you didn't.

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at OpenText

You have been such a pleasure to work with and I look forward to many more projects in the future. Without a doubt, you’ve put together a great team at Fresh.

Tom Taft
Managing Partner at Laurel Group

The site is great. Lots of great feedback. Love it.

Christine Warjone
Owner at Christine Warjone

I have deep respect and an awed admiration for the team at FRESH. Thank You TEAM FRESH. I sing your praises loudly and often to many. You each individually and more importantly collectively are the epitome of what digital strategy is all about...Just wanted to again say thanks.

at Puget Sound Bank

Fresh Consulting did a wonderful job exploring our brand promise and culture to ensure that our new website accurately reflects who we are. They came highly recommended by a former colleague of mine who now works with them at another firm. We reviewed several design firms and Fresh was most in sync with what we were trying to accomplish. It felt as if they were embedded in the business rather than an outside consultant. The budget and launch date were both exactly what we agreed upon and their communication was always timely and professional. We look forward to building a long-term relationship.

Chris Kilbourn
CEO at Monolith Management

Fresh Consulting was the perfect choice for our company because of their blend of creative design and consulting excellence. We couldn’t be happier with the results and the speed in which everything was finished.

Strategy & Ops at Deloitte Consulting

I wanted to shoot over a quick note to thank all of you for the unbelievable page you were able to build in under 72 hours. I would have expected something this high quality to take weeks amazed at what you guys could do on such short notice. Bravo. Can’t wait until the next project when we see what’s possible with more time… Keep up the great work.

CEO at Aquire Advisors

Fresh has become an invaluable partner to our company. They helped us launch a new service and create a profitable product that continues to add value to our customers. Their combined knowledge of cutting-edge technology and innovative consulting is exactly what we needed to take our company to the next level.

at Passport Unlimited

Fresh Consulting has produced two videos for Passport Unlimited and is in the process of producing an additional three. The two videos that Fresh has delivered have been extremely well received. Fresh listened carefully to our needs and crafted videos that were “on message”, fit with our brand and were visually engaging. The process of producing the videos has been smooth. From the initial interview process all the way to the delivery of the final product, Fresh has been very responsive to our feedback and has provided multiple options for us to choose from. I would highly recommend Fresh as a resource for producing high-quality, well executed videos in an economical and efficient manner.

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Allison Weinrod
National Manager at T-Mobile

The great news is that everyone is very excited about TrackiT 2 ... I’ve gotten lots of feedback about how fantastic it looks and the ease of navigation through the tabs. The pictures are a huge hit! Thanks again for all your hard work and your commitment to good design. TrackiT 2 looks and feels like a Tier 1 product!

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Kathy Ireland
CEO at Kathy Ireland

Your work is creative and amazing. Fresh does more than web design. They help you navigate the new reality of social media. I recommend Fresh to every company needing web help.

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John Hagel
at Center for the Edge, Deloitte Digital

Just wanted to say thanks to the great team at Fresh Consulting that helped us build the Power of Pull fan page. Thanks to everyone – very deeply appreciated by the folks at the Center for the Edge!!

Allan Tantillo
Director at T-Mobile

The apps were a huge success at the convention.

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Jen Houston
Advisor at PaperShare

Whew, it's been a crazy past 2 months! I realized in the middle of the night last night that we had never officially paused and thanked the Fresh team for all of the long nights, strategic thinking and incredible work that you each delivered. I am honored to have been part of this team and I'm thrilled that we pushed everyone just out of their comfort zones – the outcome(s) were out of the park. We've seen 10x increase in traffic to the sales door since launch. The logo looked incredible in the booth. The video is a great story. The whitepaper looks slick and we've had nearly 3k views of it since the week prior to launch. Nice. I'm grateful for not only the work, but for the team and their partnership.

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Project Manager at T-Mobile

You guys have done a FANTASTIC job on the work requests from us. I honestly would recommend your company to anyone that needs help with these types of things.

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Tina Marie
Manager at OpenText

This looks great! ... What would we do without your ninja speed?

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Director of Marketing at Virtela

Thanks for your help on our hockey campaign. It turned out really good. I've been meaning to send you these samples so you can see the final product. Great work!

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