Windows Phone Development

Technology We Use

Windows Phone

Windows mobile application development uses the same .Net Framework as web and desktop applications. It features a powerful IDE (Visual Studio) and offers many options for Microsoft services integration. Thanks to the unified platform approach in Windows 10, applications built for Windows Phone can keep the same look and feel as their desktop counterparts.

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Why we use it

Technique Matters.

Unique Mobile App Features

Live tiles and easily implemented speech recognition. Continuum functionality allowing mobile apps to function as desktop apps when needed.

Custom Implementations

Streamlined experience beyond a responsive site, with real-time notifications and updates to data screens. Third-party service-based SDK integrations, and web API interfacing for faster application turnaround.

Windows Mobile Software

Development for business, personal productivity, and socially connected apps. Customer benefits portals with geolocation/mapping integration, and user-based apps with local data storage.

Who Builds it

We Code With Windows Phone

Sean Patterson

Sean Patterson

Software Development Director
Sittipol Pungprakiet (Great)

Sittipol Pungprakiet (Great)

Full-Stack Developer
Ratapong Thaingcham (Jib)

Ratapong Thaingcham (Jib)

Full-Stack Developer

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