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TensorFlow is an end-to-end open-source platform for modelling, training, and deploying deep neural networks. It has an easy-to-use Python API that abstracts out the underlying high-performance numerical code implemented in C++ and runs seamlessly on CPUs, GPUs, and Google TPUs. TensorFlow also provides a JavaScript library, TensorFlow.js, that runs on a browser and Node.js. TensorFlow and its ecosystem of tools, libraries, and models allow engineers to build, deploy, and scale a variety of machine learning-based applications like computer vision, object detection and classification, language modelling, and voice.

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Why we use it

Technique Matters.

Trusted by Top Companies

Some of the world's largest companies and organizations use TensorFlow as a machine learning solution, including NVIDIA, Lenovo, Uber, and Google. TensorFlow also has a thriving comunity of universities and research labs that contribute to its ecosystem.

Easy Model-Building

Tools and libraries like TensorBoard, along with high-level APIs like Keras, allow machine learning practitioners to easily build, debug, and iterate their models.

TensorFlow for Deep Learning

TensorFlow is an efficient tool for implementing deep learning models that process large amounts of data. Its features include multi-GPU support and checkpoints for training, evaluating, and reloading models.

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