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Microsoft Project Bonsai

Microsoft Project Bonsai is an AI platform that speeds the creation of intelligent decision support and industrial controls. Through leading AI training techniques and simplified authoring experiences, experts in control systems and processes can enable autonomous decision making or train AI agents to work alongside people. This helps experts scale their industry expertise while confidently deploying and managing explainable solutions. From wind turbine optimization to continuous machine calibration, these next-generation control systems inspire transformative innovation and produce significant improvements in throughput, efficiency, and quality.

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Why we use it

Technique Matters.

Advanced Control System Capabilities

Unlock more possibilities with next-generation control systems that help machinery and processes adapt in real time to changing conditions. Project Bonsai maintains cutting-edge algorithms that keep your systems running at maximum efficiency.

Democratizing Reinforcement Learning

Engineers can leverage machine teaching to train complex AI models without deep data science expertise. The Project Bonsai platform lets users define their system through GUI and CLI interfaces, then automatically generates the complex implementation of a reinforcement learning model.

Deploying Machine Learning to the Real World

Project Bonsai provides tools to deploy complex machine learning agents in the real world. Fresh can help build and deploy solutions that work with human operators and integrate into existing IoT systems.

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