Travis Luong

Full-Stack Developer

Travis Luong

Travis is a Full-Stack Developer with 5 years of professional programming experience. Having worked as a freelance consultant, web contractor, and full-time engineer prior to joining Fresh, he excels at both server-side and client-side web development. While his expertise is in Ruby on Rails and Javascript, Travis is familiar with a variety of tools, languages, and frameworks. Most recently, he has worked on web and mobile apps for CBRE and Fornetix.

My Publications

May 12, 2017

Should I Use RxJS in My Project?

If you’re thinking about using RxJS, you might as well be asking, “Should I use a jump kick in a street fight?” Unless you are Bruce Lee, probably not. As a disclaimer, I am not an RxJS pro. I only started learning about it a couple of weeks ago. Consider this post a record of … Continued

May 26, 2016

Angular Components: A Simpler Convention

There used to be no single standard for structuring Angular apps. Angular provided us with many different means of doing the same thing. This flexibility has given developers a lot of options and great power in structuring their apps. However, the downside is that often we are left wondering which way is the “right way.” … Continued

March 18, 2016

How to Organize Your Gulp.js Development Builds for Multiple Environments

You are developing a growing front-end application with gulp.js. You notice that your scripts are starting to look like incomprehensible spaghetti. You have many environments including test, development, staging, production, and continuous integration. They all depend on your build scripts to generate the correct build per environment. Each environment may have an entirely or slightly … Continued

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