Steven Rogers

Front-End/Full-Stack Developer

Steven Rogers

Steven is a full-stack web developer. He is mostly self-taught, but attended a 12-week accelerated learning “programming bootcamp” focused on web development. He moved from a small town in California to Bellevue in 2014 to pursue his coding career.

Steven spends a lot of his free time coding up tools, websites, and games. Outside of coding, he is training to get his Private Pilot’s License. Steven also enjoys playing music – he doesn’t claim to be the best, but is getting better at the flute, bass, and drums – and is into gaming, including board games, table top RPGs, and video games.

Steven is currently updating APIs for Gottman Institute, writing SQL Queries for Ben Bridge, and tackling multiple tasks across a handful of other projects.

My Publications

November 11, 2016

Dev Principle #9: Start with a Skeleton to Test and Learn

Many developers have experienced being stuck in a “feature hole” – or worse yet, their project suffers the fate of “Death by Planning.” These are two of the reasons why we highly recommend building a skeleton of a project first. What is a Project Skeleton? Imagine that all the polishing and user experience of a … Continued

August 18, 2016

Dev Principle #5: Do Deployments Right

One of the vital parts of any software project is the deployment process. It’s a central part of starting and growing the living project. Without the deployment process, your project would never see the live state it is destined for. Whether you’re working on a simple personal project or a very active large website, the … Continued

July 13, 2016

Dev Principle #2: Coding Layout and Style Matter

We’ve all seen it before: terribly formatted code. No layout or style. Unindented, with insanely long line lengths. Tabs and spaces cobbled together haphazardly. Multiple inconsistencies along a single code file. Code formatting has gotten so bad that famous software webcomics have commented on the issue. The point is, code should be easily scannable. Other … Continued

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