Sirius Strebe

Front-End Engineer

Sirius Strebe

Sirius is a Front-End Engineer with a history of working at start-ups where he designed, developed, and deployed websites, web apps, and a cloud computing controller. Sirius received his BS in Computer Science from Western Washington University and is skilled in Apache, c++, CSS, html, Java, JavaScript, Jquery, Linux, PHP, Python, Unix, Unix/Lenox. He most enjoys JavaScript and is looking to learn more about data visualization.

Sirius is currently lending his skill set to projects for CBRE and ParentMap.

My Publications

July 14, 2016

D3.js Gradients: The Easy Way

The Right Way I was recently searching for a technique to apply a gradient to a path created using D3.js. The first page of Google results yielded several examples pioneered by Mike Bostock, creator of D3 itself. Take a look at Gradient Along Stroke, for example. Mike’s example splits a path into several hundred subsections, each with … Continued

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Yes, I'm interested in discussing a website design & dev website design & dev UI/UX design mobile app design & dev web app design & dev video production completely new project for . My name is and you can email me at .