Raymond Luu

Full-Stack Developer

Raymond Luu

Raymond is a full-stack developer for web and mobile. He is skilled in JavaScript using the MEAN Stack as an open source web technology, including MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJS, and Node.js. For mobile, he is knowledgeable about various iOS mobile technologies and programming in Swift.

He has also been learning Android development and LAMP Stack, which includes PHP, Apache server, and MySQL on a Linux operating system.

Raymond loves to do algorithms in the morning using use hackerrank.com to help kick his brain into gear with problem solving. He also enjoys gaming, the outdoors and cycling, and programming games for fun.

Have a project to do?

Yes, I'm interested in discussing a website design & dev website design & dev UI/UX design mobile app design & dev web app design & dev video production completely new project for . My name is and you can email me at .