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Storyboards to Screen: the video process

July 16, 2013

Nathan Dean

By Nathan Dean

Get a deeper look into how we use storyboards in our video production process.


 We are passionate about producing videos that are both attractive, AND effective.

When we make a video we go through a specific process that starts with 3 W’s: Who, What, Why.

These are the key elements to the creative brief. Once we know our audience and the purpose of the video then we can decipher what needs to be said and ultimately how. What imagery best speaks to our audience? What must be said, and how, in order to move our audience to the objective? Ultimately creative brief is the basis of every design decision. This disciplined process makes it possible to judge a video based on its effectiveness and not just on personal preference.

Once the creative brief is born we form the story, develop a concept and eventually write the script. Soon after, storyboards are illustrated and presented with a visual style treatment. Only then do we begin the long process of animating. It can take a while before things start to look like a video, but believe us… it’s worth it.

You have a message. Let us help you say it.

Script and Storyboards

storyboards-frames compared


The Final Product



Pre Production Resources

Here are some of my favorite inspiration and resource sites for pre-production materials.

  • Printable Storyboard Templates
  • Cinematography and Visual Storytelling Workshop (w/ Alex Buono, DP for Saturday Night Live)
  • The Art of the Title – a great site that features movie title sequences and the production process
  • STASH tv – the planet’s largest online library of animation, VFX and motion design. commercials, music videos, title and broadcast designs, game cinematics, short films and more – complete with exclusive interviews, behind the scenes features, production notes, credits, toolkits and links for every project.
Nathan Dean

Nathan Dean

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